Monday, 16 February 2009

"Ghosts" - Hendrik Ibsen (1881)

Not a very long "Drama", this one. But then again, most dramas are short, aren't they?
When compared to novels, at least.
Ghosts is part of a trilogy, the second part, to be exact.
A Doll's House is the first part. I never liked that much, but I suppose it deals with society in Ibsen's time critically enough. Same with Ghosts, by the way.

Ghosts deals with how a woman married to a "fallen" man lives through it all. She is open-minded, not immediately judgemental, bright, and all the things the patriarchal society around her is not.
She suffered, married to someone who doesn't give her what she deserves, ends up getting a maid pregnant, she is forced to send her son away because he's starting to grow old enough to ask questions about his father's behaviour, and her husband won't admit he's done her damage ever. He dies, and she hushes it all up. His father being a "player", his son discovers he has a genetically inherent disease, even though he can't be persuaded it's his ideal father's fault, and ends up self-reproaching until he finds out the truth in the very end.
"Ghosts", according to his mother, are the dead ideas and values that are given from one generation to the other, "Ghosts" are those memories being repeated over and over.. "Ghosts" are what's haunting her, her son, and everyone.

Pretty sad. But then again, it isn't called a Modern Tragedy for nothing, is it?

The Gyspy.

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